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December 2013


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Good Ole Girl - 1987


Courage My Dear - 1982


This is where you can get quality racing videos on DVD,  from the great racetrack in Westbury, NY.  I have the remaining tapes from Roosevelt Raceway-  I have transferred all of them to DVD, and the quality is stunning. Races that were recorded over 30 years ago look like they were just recorded. Most of Long Island's sports history happened here. Bill Haughton, Carmine Abbatiello, William "Buddy" Gilmour, Mike Lachance, Filion, George Phalen, Joe O'Brien, Ben Webster, John Chapman, Joe Marsh Jr, Merrit "Butch" Dokey, Ben Steall, Rejean Daigneault, John "Sonny" Patterson Jr, Norman Dauplaise, Clint Galbraith, Stanley Dancer, Vernon Dancer, Donald Dancer, James Marohn, Russel Rash, Eldon Harner, George Sholty, John Patterson Sr, Ted Wing, Del Insko, John Simpson, Harold Story, Ken McNutt, Frank O'MAra, Mark O'Mara, Real "Coco" Cormier, Frank Popfinger, Ron Waples, Norm Jones, Bill Popfinger, Harry  Harvey, John Kopas, Jack Kopas, Frank Tagariello, John Campbell, William O'Donnell, Abe Stoltzfus, Warrington, Ralph Baldwin, Lucien Fontaine, Jim Tallman, Sandy Levy, Jimmy Doherty, James Arthur, Belote, Jim Dennis, Rathbone, Doug Brown, Dave Magee, Per Eriksson, Ed Lohmeyer, Une de Mai, Cam Fella, On The Road Again, Classical Way, Sir Dalrae, Ideal du Gazeau, Division Street, Su Mac Lad, Mirror Image, Docs Fella, Kash Minbar, Try Scotch, Handle With Care, Most Happy Fella, Lutin D'Isigny, Myakka Prince, Governor Skipper, Big Towner, Mirror Image, Tarport Hap, Rambling Willie, Silk Stockings,  Nevele Pride, Savoir, International Trot, US Pacing Championship, Challenge Cup, Messenger Stakes, Dexter Cup, Peter Haughton Memorial, Chapman Memorial, many NYSS and much more!

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