Roosevelt Raceway videos

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The definitive New York harness racing video,on DVD****   All of the following horses are racing on this DVD at RR - some more than once. Nevele Pride, Une De Mai ,Fresh Yankee, Cam Fella, Ralph Hanover, Barberry Spur, Earl Laird, Most Happy Fella, Trenton Time, Secret Service, Columbia George, Armbro Omaha, Armbro Aussie, Newt Lobell, Fight The Foe, Millers Scout, Redskin, Amity Chef, Butler BG, Legal Notice, Long Fella, Troublemaker, Southern Style ,Dart Hanover, Dayan, Bobbo, Ianthin, Legolas, Bridger, Yankee Predator, Lutin D'Isigny, The Onion, Crown Wood, Splunky Byron, Babe Kosmos, Delmonica Hanover, Cold Comfort, Pettite Evander, Classical Way, Ideal Du Gazeau, Motor Mouth, Governor Skipper, Rambling Willie, Tarport Hap, Handle With Care, Shirleys Beau, Keystone Accent, Dream Maker, Senor Skipper, Battling Brad, Andy Lobell, Jorky, Pamir Brodde, Arin Baritomo, Kading, Ceox, Super Marty, Wonder Child, General D Brook, Sandy Bowl, Doublemint, BG's Bunny, Armbro Sholty, Jonquil Hanover, Fancy Crown, Habib, Grades Singing, Mack The Knife, Piggvar, Diamond Exchange, Momentum, Scenic Regal, Nearly Perfect, Sirota Anderson, Hilton Hanover, Davidia Hanover, Spartan Hanover, Othello, Savoir, Robins Wonder, Farmsteads Fame, Karissas Pride, Lolas Express, Speed In Action, Mon Tourbilion, Erins Jet, Nino Blazing, Ghendero, Spice Island, Zebu, Jambooger, Kerry Gold, Sokys Atom, Whiteys Fella, Perfect Out, Sir Dalrae, Mr Dalrae, Keystone Smarty, Kash Minbar, Johnny Jump Up, Bellino, Dream Of Glory, Charm Asserdal, Lolas Express, Dallas Lobell, Dartser F, Mystic Park, Joie De Vie, Speedy Claude,Valiant Bret, Frugal Gourmet, Brets Star, Pride And Price, Seatrain,J illy, Keystone Ore, Jate Lobell, Dragons Lair, Pershing Square, Falcon Seelster, Division Street, Docs Fella, Waverly Nero, Orelli, Big Shift, My BIll Forwood,Hilarion, The Ledger, Tiger Almahurst, Le Baron Rouge, all in huge races. I'm sure I've forgotten some major horses here. Drivers Carmine Abbatiello, Buddy Gilmour, James Marohn, John Chapman, George Sholty, Bill Haughton, Peter Haughton, Herve Filion, Rejean Daigneault, Bill O'Donnell, Del Insko, John Campbell, Michel Lachance, Norman Dauplaise, Gary Mosher, Cruise, Joe Marsh Jr, John Patterson, Robert Vitrano, Lucien Fontaine, Norm Jones, Ron Waples, Joe O'Brien, Stanley Dancer, Butch Dokey, Donald Dancer, John Simpson, Frank O'Mara, Pat Crowe, and more. Some of the best trotters from FRANCE, SWEDEN CANADA, ITALY, FINLAND, ARGENTINA, EUROPE. Standardbred races called by Jack Lee & Jerry Glantz.

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