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WOR 1981 -Racing From Roosevelt. NYSS- Cagey Diamond, Histrionic, Strike Price, Tonis Mon, WT Murphy, Hot Blooded, Speedys Bunny, Master DJ, Hidden Kash...NYSS- Songsation, Oregon, Banden, Big Easter, Super Stroke, Acme Freight, Shore Frost...Humbug, Knight N Armor, Most Happy Dude, Glenwood, Young Billy, Never Wrong, Kitland, Easy Come Easy Go...Prince Rapide N, Padrino, Barone Pedro, Gavil Knight, Brets Angel, Pop Star, Predictor, Pats Comedian...last with Bronessa, Indian Sweetie, Atta Lady Banker, Rival Molly, Highland Fire, Lady Vixen, Treasure T Chest...Open Trot - Motor Mouth, Cigar Store Injun, Mana Crown, Merlin, Parisian Ideal, Surrogate, Keystone Hallmark...JRs Boy, Whata Mouth, Hahnies Best, Miracle Chris, Tarbesto Hanover, Almondell Scotsman GB, Zoomer, Tarport Carmel...Flag Call, Patches Streaker, Beau Monde, Nedala, Timely Thorpe, JDs Master, Billy Von...last 3/4 with Slight Of Hand N, Dr. Rival, Justa Fella, Uncle Ford, Ashley Lobell, Bye Bye Way, FW Buster...Fortune Richie, Good Chris, Top Star N, Bud T Ace, Bye Bye Doug, Connies Kid, Arriva Boy, JL Adios... Glenys, Noble Armbro, Precious Strike, Popamatic, Hiding Place, Twin B Misty, Most Wanted, Cream Filled... Chuck D Turner, Hanover Grove, HH Lightning, Motor Home, Flying Mister Bret, Advocate, The Smoocher, T Ms Y Not... Her Bee B, Pierre Precieuse, Y There, Crystal Fusion, Nevella, Sweet Marjoram, Noralee Kash, Barbara Viking... NYSS -Muffets Tuffet, Dominant, Easter Angel, Lori Songkash...Roman Moon, Daisys Macho, Shellfire, Don Torpid, Special Notice, Freedom Knight, Delroy N, Regency... Navy Lobell, Willow Skipper, Skip By Night, Most Happy Dude, Baron Pedro, Pats Comedian, Prince Rapide N, Predictor... Lloyd R Adios, EA Roberts, Lincoln Alabar, No Guff, Blaze Skipper, Elected, Set The Style... Renees Fella, Trojan Lobell, Merchant Marine, Full Charge, Karamea Beau, Davey Jack, Federal, Big Al Jay... Magic Speed, Obsessed A, Ben Reed, Transfusion, Yankee Go Lucky, Atta Womba, Chucks Trick, Double Link... Bluegrass Lou, Indian Sweetie, Twin B Misty, Kenwood Betsy, Cream Filled, Hiding Place, Bretta Jet, Precious Coin... Happy Abbe, Sams A Riot, The Smoocher, Good Nite Dancer, G Ts Boy, Night Train Jay, Rua Nevele, Flying Mister Bret... Lord Wynnfield, Devs Choice, Magic Carpet, Special Key, Gerrys Fifth, Sams Majesty, Nagero, Bye Run... Scotties Comet, Uncle Ford, Hurry On, Ryans Choice, Pakawhai, Sunny Art, Right Again, Delmer Wynnwood... Open Trot- Paradise Molly, Mickey Rodney, Nodean ,Surrogate, Roger Bell, At Arms, Major Pomp, Wonder Child...Fonzie Overdene, Padrino, Navy Lobell, Knight N Armor, Chasm, Prince Rapide N, Swat... NYSS - Mr. Planto, Marjac, Bo Bo, Freedom Fella, Brokers Kash, New York Motoring, Penman, Armbro Whiz, Bit O Cheer... NYSS- Leopard, Shadow Dancing, Docs Fella, Gonna Be Happy, Ifs And Buts, Armbro Whiskey, Marshall Tucker, Flying Rival, Napolean Don, Brand New Fella... Sabalist, Cigar Store Injun, Mana Crown, Noble Newstime, Idle Love, Motor Mouth, Keystone Hallmark, Namarra... Open Pace - Set The Style, EA Roberts, Destin Grade, Lloyd R Adios, Danielles Romeo, Muckalee Strike, Melvins Strike, Millers Scout...Show N Good, Keystone Stuart, Bye Bye Terri, Shiaway Medley, Arriva Boy, Warranty, Little To Ri, Don Torpid... Stonegate Saturn, Fulla Dynamite, Sweet Lou, Kid Hanover, Madarain N, BD’s Last Choice, Container... Most Wanted, After The Fact, Laperla, Bretta Jet, Precious Strike, Indian Sweetie, Kenwood Betsy... Truman, Gallant Greene, T Ms Y Not, Battle Raven, Popamatic, Redleaf Star, Stone Racer, Motor Home... Aviatrix Lobell, Precious Adde H, Sapphire Almahurst, Lauxmont Danella, Purples, Fair Precious, Flying Velvet, Funny Thing, Stretch Pants, See Thru... BN Andy, Race Time Killean, Most Happy Noble, Right Again, Obsessed A, Each Way. Racing Ronnie, Tru Mix Tempered... NYSS -Mad Hatty, Sahara Blue, Brush On Kash, Adore, Missly Lissy, Maxs Charmer, Happy To Be, DI Queen, Incredible Filly... Fonzie Overdene, Easy Come Easy Go, Chasm Knight N Armor, Starpoms Choice, Hanover Don, Attention Now, Navy Lobell... Mill Nicks Girl, Maxines Sister, Magic Blend, Keystone Beatrix, Effem, Shezakash, Water Baby, Tarport Clarabell, Precious She Is... NYSS - Herbars Belle, Aramis Blue Chip, Corky Collins, Hay Queen, Lucky Jennifer, Quick Mouse, Precious Coin, Sweep, Precious Marge... Open Pace - Lloyd R Adios, League Leader, Muckalee Strike, Alberton, Melvins Strike, Newt Lobell... Open Trot - Cigar Store Injun, Wonder Child, Noble Newstime, Idle Love, Keystone Hallmark, Namarra, Motor Mouth... Gentlemans Pride, True Kiwi, Bishops Command, Arriva Boy, Brave Knight, Daisys Macho, JL Adios, Renees Fella... Jack Lee, Delroy N, Sugar Town, Bud T Ace, Kid Hanover, Stonegate Saturn, Duane Miller, Roman Moon... The Smoocher, Mr. Newt, Select Skipper, T Ms Y Not, Redleaf Perfect, Buck Horn, Mannart Bionic, Night Train Jay... Laperla, After The Fact, Glenys, Indian Sweetie, Most Wanted, Fulla Thunder, Kenwood Betsy... Champ Justice, Beau Chief A, Buck Nuff, Special Key, Gerrys Fifth, Hidden Secrets, Magic Carpet, Placid Byrd... Mandarin N, Rajah N, Night Exchange, Azalia Spinner, BJ Conor, Happy Collins... Paradise Molly, Merlin, Surrogate, Nodean, At Arms, Master Regal, Buttonwood Odin... Grateful Vikar, Kirby Hanover, FW Buster, Saturn Almahurst, Lords Secret, Nadala, Senator Pride, Tiger T Adios... Highland Fire, Slow Glow, Armbro Wisteria, Always On Time, Lady Vixen, Dame Lobell, Rival Mollie, Quick Mouse... Open Pace- Happy Sharon, Rambling Willie, Destin Grade, Lloyd R Adiosm League Leader, Sirota Anderson... American Trotting Championship - Motor Mouth, Kading, Nobel Newstime, Super Marty, Final Score, Keystone Hallmark, Able Mission, Burgomeister...Camden Christian, Warwick Light, MacMaster, Flag Call, Almondell Scotsman GB, Swat, Glenwood, J Ds Master... Full Charge, Merchant Marine, Bay Pines Boy, Roman Moon, Apache King, Fulla Fury, True Kiwi... Connies Kid, JL Adios, Dr. Rival, Bud T Ace, Kid Hanover, Jersey Champion, Shiaway Medley, B Ds Last Choice... Wawaset Chief, Kash Counsel, Royal Super, Nelahini, Red Oaks Mike, Katy Tamara, Chuck El Mar... The Smoocher, Leo Bryden, LaPrla, Redleaf Star, Royal Lasco, Sally D Dee, Direct King, Indian Sweetie... Palm Court, CE Hooker, Super Beetle, Campers Scamp, Jiffy Fulla, Furlough, Jerry GG, Fulla Nick... FW Buster, JR Power, Miracle Chris, Davey Charmer, Ideal King, Obsessed A, Senator Pride, Kirby Hanover... last 3/8 John Chapman Memorial - Three Diamonds, Semalu Lobell, Boston Irish, Lushkara... Lordable, Most Happy Dude, Kitland, Fonzie Overdene, Young Billy, Nemero, Satin Doll... Jewells Dream, Lords Secret, Mr. Cylinder, Delroy N, Red Gent, The Banker N, Goose Step, Grateful Vikar... Azalia Spinner, BN Andy, Fortune Richie, Truman Hanover, Hurry On, Embassy Effort, Nevalator... Roosevelt International Trot - Motor Mouth, Kading, Ideal du Gazeau, Jorky, Bion De Gesalu, Pamir Brodde, Arin Baritono, Ceox... Open Pace - Trenton Time, Toy Poodle, Muckalee Strike, Secret Service, Melvins Strike, Alberton, Millers Scout... High Command, Surrogate, Noble Newstime, Wonder Child, Idle Love, Super Marty, Able Mission... 3h 37m...

WOR OTB 1984 Racing From Yonkers - Thu. February 23.

3YO C&G Pace: Anchor Milller, Judicious, Ty Cobb, Final Offer, Von Spirit, Matchless Skipper, Hamayair, Current Image. A Look at the Hopeful. HOPEFUL PACING SERIES FINAL (Fillies): Omaha Girl, Play Dead, Mostly Class, Wanderlust, Scarlet Wil, Liscarney, Whisper Wave, Hot Item, Stan interviews LaChance..HOPEFUL CONSOLATION: Castleton Mix, Ouralba Hanover, Lucinda Cedar, Happy Bea Kash, Dow Jones, Cat Burglar, OB Ballybay, Violet Bells, Skippers Jewel. PACE: Armbro Wilf Double Stakes, Royal Son N, Bamboozle, Brets Courier N, Nevele Adam, Keystone Sceptre. Closing comments: Stan announces Roosevelt to continue as harness track, and congratulates track Pres. Bill Hopkins who is now a part owner.Racing From Yonkers - Sat. February 25

Spencer interviews Walter Case, Jr.- PACE: Sly Beau, Tom Town, Melvins Ransom, Never Say Never, Yankee Colonel, Fast Learner, Scotties Comet, Wicked Idea. HOPEFUL PACING SERIES FINAL (Colts): Sielsen Regent, George S, Trusty Blaze, Bio Brennan, Minstrel, Winged Beat, Spicy Doc, Thurston, Spencer interviews Sarama. OPEN PACE: Alvoc. Spencer interviews Abbatiello. A3-B1 PACE: Strike Le Ru, Vacs Happy Cress, Hobart Star, Hilarion, The Ledger, Mabdo Jay, Great Ore. PACE: Auburn Bret, Bit O Cheer, Parklands Star, Sailor George, Keystone Icy, Ditritbutor, Noble Armbro, Holridge Joe.

Racing From Yonkers - Sat. March 3

$18k Clm. PACE: Ishbaal, Fil En Fil, First Sammy, Kenwood Star, Saginaw Lobell, Sand Toy, Torch Hanover, Dorey Collins. OPEN PACE: Sailor George, Keystone Progress, Mabdo Jay, Brooklyn Smoke, The Ledger, Gold Spike, Docs Fella. Levy Series - 1st Leg: Hobart Star, Sokys Atom, Power Bunny, Big Shift, Passion Play, Hilarion, Alvoc, Vacs Happy Cress, Finian Hanover. PACE: Elias N, Netaro, KM Scamp, Swift Superb, Special Encounter, Fonzarelli N. B-1 PACE: Parklands Star, TH Lobell, Keystone Icy, HH Class, Holridge Joe, Auburn Bret, Bit O Cheer, Distributor.Racing From Yonkers - Thu. March 8

PETTICOAT Div: Bretts Hello, Skippers Jewel, Cuddles Bunnie, Neros Fury, Cat Burglar OB, Sabbonero, Ouralba Hanover, MS Waverly Star, Carrot Lady, Whisper Wave. TROT: Starskey Hanover, BJ Empire, Goldies Command, Toughskin, Highland Ego, Thad, Iggy Magoo. PETTICOAT Div: Omaha girl (stretch drive). Q&A Pt. 1 Stan & blacksmith. PACE: Snocake, Armbro Belinda, Bye Bye Gypsy, Anna Clare, battling Barbara, J For Jennifer, Miracle Renee, Whata Jewel. PACE: Michigan Pro, Doube Stakes, Chuck D Turner, No Guff, Willow Bank, Keystone Sceptre, Sir CC. Racing From Yonkers - Thu. March 11

PACE: Connies Kid, Special Notice, Kiawah Kid, Wesleys Shadow, Valley Road, Armbro Vital, Timely Thorpe, Moonlight Bay.

A Look at the Levy Series - John Cirillo interviews Vinny Aurigemma. TROT: Thad, BJ Empire, Highland Ego, Spring Flight, Iggy Magoo, Goldies Command, Toughskin, R Big Red One. Spencer interviews Gregory Coleman. PACE: Rachel Collins, Snocake, Muckalee Riddle, Anna Clare, Armbro Belinda, Bye Bye Gypsy, Battling Barbara, Jersey Tomato. B-3 PACE: Rambling Kid, Cardinal Kash, Quaker Almahurst, Nevele Adam, Armbro Wilf, GT’s Boy, Brolly, Michigan Pro.Racing From Yonkers - Fri. March 9

F&M PACE: Rayalmas Lady, Muckalee Riddle, Pawn Shop, Ms Laura Lee, Jersey Tomato, Secluded, Yankee Zest, Bonnie Blue Chip. Q&A- Pt. 2 Stan & blacksmith. Spencer interviews LaChance. OPEN TROT: Fettah Sam, Wee Janel, Sandy Casey, Joe Joe, AC’s Wonder, Kash Crown, Wicked Willie. PACE: Key Ore, Skipper Lobell, Pats Comedian, Pippin Lobell, Justaflyer, GT’s Boy, Kash Tree, Ima Flying. PACE: Center Square, gamblers Four, Bay Reo, Whoaboy Blue Chip, Bamboozle, Arion Lobell, Wary, Charlie Bret.Racing From Yonkers -Thu. March 15

Shamrock Div: Mannart Ricci, Castleton Mix, Precious Panache, Omaha Girl, Happy Bea Kash, Dow Jones, Skippers Jewel, DI Ruthie Dear, Air Happy. Shamrock Div: Sun Del Etta, BG’s Baby, Whisper Wave, Sabbonero, Wanderlust, HS Kash, Ken Dee Countess, Polly Fiddler. Q&A: Roosevelt starting gate. PACE MARES: J For Jennifer, Suffolk Lark, Cloverleaf Gladys, Armbro Belinda, Diamond Jill, Whata Jewel, Emerald Girl, Snocake. PACE: Oil Spill, Barton Lobell, Royal Son N, Sassafrass, How Cute, Chuck D Turner, Afer, No Guff.Racing From Yonkers - Sat. March 17

PACE: Lobob Maralec, Tom Town, red Royal, Jeremys Brigade, Tuff Hanover, never Say Never, Shelbys First, Rusty Long. OPEN PACE: Mabdo Jay, Animal House, Kawartha Robust, The Ledger, Ezechias, Auburn Bret, Tiger Almahurst, Hilarion. Stan interviews Steve Starr. Levy Series 3rd Leg: Hobart Star, Vacs Happy Cress, Perfect Out, Caramore, Glen Almahurst, Big Shift, Docs Fella, JJ’s Cornell, Power Bunny. PACE: Passion Play, Sailor George, Great Ore, Bit O Cheer, Bamboozle, Elwood Hanover, Payking.


WOR OTB 1984

Disc 2

Racing From Yonkers - Thu. March 22

Pace: Rorty Byrd, R Centennial, Bretta Jet, Deficit Spending, No Hitter, Johnny Mac Faber.

Trot: Toughskin, R Big red One, The Liveley One, Lucky Chip, Reggie Crown, Goldies Command, Chief Dee, Dutch Lady Mac. Q&A, Pace: Emerald Girl, Diamond Jill, J For Jennifer, Miracle Renee, Battling Barbara, Shana J, Rayalmas Lady, Prince Lee Michell. Pace: Rambling Kidd, Royal Son N, Afer, No Guff, Shirleys Man, Danielles Romeo, Sassafras B, Baldy Scutch.Racing From Yonkers - Sat. March 24

Ross interviews Tom Merriman, Pace: 13/16 mile, Melvins Ransom, Shiaway Carla, Scotties Comet, College Ed, Dan Helder, Reveille Hal, Keystone Seltzer, Bit O Bits, Feature: Judges Booth, Open Pace: Passion Play, Ezechias, Auburn Bret, The Ledger, Power Bunny, Energy Burner, Docs Fella, Tiger Almahurst, Ross interviews Carmine Abbatiello, Pace: TH Lobell, Looks The Part, Bamboozle, Great Ore, Marland Wardell, HH Class, Mabdo Jay, Hilarion. Pace: Country Gambler, Big Daddy, Elwood Hanover, Sailor George, Bayou Almahurst, Keystone Progress, Neros Yankee Girl, Courage My Dear.Racing From Yonkers - Thu. March 29

Pace: Canadian Call, Hot Rod Collins, Sir Ron N, Marcus Lobell, Patrick K, Tiger Rag N, Scenic Isle. Feature: Stan and vet Dr. Peter Cassidy. Pace 3YO Open, Big Apple Pace: Goldcreek Reno, Majestic Falcon, Matchless Skipper, Russ Lynn Scott, Seilsen Regent, Spicy Doc, Ata BG’s Gypsy, Happy Little B. Parade Of Hats from 1983 Mad Hatters Ball, John Dockery interviews Robert Gersch. Mares Pace: JD’s Fancy, Mannart Bold Ann, Anna Clare, Diamond Jill, My Bonnie B, Cool Rain Chris, JM Toni Ann, Take Care NRacing From Roosevelt - Thu. April 5

Pace: Bye Bye Sly, Minnies Fella, Iras Skipper, Farm Country, Breton Blue Chip, Trans World, Kahana, Our Chancy. RR History: Clips of 1st race at the track, pictures. Pace: Heisman, General B, GT’s Boy, Rebel Fella, Diamond Pane, Lloyd R Adios, Pegasus Lobell, Duc Grade. Q&A- Top 10 drivers, Trot: Lucky Chip, Goldies Command, Dutch Lady Mac, Marthas Crown, Chief Dee, Mustard, Toughskip. Commercials: RR spot and OTB "Marv Throneberry?" Pace: Ned Dean, Herbars Bacchus, Fast Majority, Not Guilty, Noble Armbro, Bay Reo, Cedarwood Hawk, TH Lobell.Racing From Roosevelt - Sat. April 7

Pace: Hallview Direct, Forgetful Fella, Kings Road, Armbro Count N, Early Z, Crafty Admiral, Lord Lyall, Dapper Honey. Stan interviews Joe Marsh Jr. (new helmets), Open Pace: Ezechias, Mabdo Jay, Jules Hanover, Hobart Star, Courageous Red, Tiger Almahurst. Levy Leg: Sokys Atom, Docs Fella, Energy Burner, Ivan Hanover, Caramore, Big Shift, Perfect Out, My Bill Forwood, JJ’s Cornell, Power Bunny, Ticket To Ride. Pace: Harvey Rocklin, Rusty Bunny, Victor Nero, Judicious, Mr. Escort, Loy Hanover, Camelknees, OK Fella.Racing From Roosevelt - Thu. April 12

Petticicoat Div: Ouralba Hanover, In Like, Sly Secret, Time O Nero Tu, Happy Bea Kash, Cuddles Bunnie, Good Ole Girl, Play Dead, Lucinda Cedar. Stan Bergstein interviews Mike LaChance, F&M Pace: Rachel Collins, Diamond Jill, Miracle Renee, Two Sided, Highland Song, Corky Collins, JM Toni Ann, Liebchen Lady. Q&A - Jack Lee’s announcing booth. Pace: Herbars Bacchus, Not Guilty, Distributor, TH Lobell, Milkman, Noble Armbro, Sassafras B, Hoot Hanover. Pace: Governor Adios, Flying Bija, hedgerow Lynx, Bronze Rover, JD’s Alan, Graymoor, Scattered Diamonds, Son Of A Witch.Racing From Roosevelt - Sat. April 14

Pace: Joss, Breton Blue Chip, Anchor Miller, Roi Des Cheveaux, Current Image, Chamber Cat, Kahana, More Xip. Golden Nugget commercial with Frank Sinatra. Pace: Doctor Love, Tom Town, Errol Hanover N, Luke Skywalker N, Melvins Ransom, Jefs Rick, Speedy Lionel, Gypsy Fella. Pace: Bargain Basement, Fast Majority, Marland Wardell, Happy Ideal, HH Maverick, Keystone Progress, Animal House. Open Pace: JJs Cornell, Sailor George, Courageous Red, Waverly Nero, Tiger Almahurst, Ezechias, Graig Nettles tv commercial. Pace: Early Z, Judicious, Harvey Rocklin, Mr. Escort, Camelknees, Loy Hanover, Rusty Bunny, Keystone Capital.Racing From Roosevelt - Thu. April 19

F&M Pace: easy Touch, Ms. Laura Lee, Miss Noni, Skippers Jewel, Bella Union, Governors Fair, Tu Tu Train, Perogative, Pace: Wicked Idea, Rusiski, Great Gaines, San Fernando, Docs Interpreter, Stutz, Racing Heart, Jason Manor. A look at the USTA Experimental Ratings. Trot: Sunbright, Dutch Lady Mac, Toughskin, Day Care, R Big Red One, Iggy Magoo, Super Fast. Pace: Little Fiddler, Dauntless, Punkett, Dark Symbol A, Go Precious Go, Mays Victor, No Guff, Strike Le Ru.

WOR OTB 1984

Disc 3

Racing From Roosevelt - Sat. April 21

Pace: Skippers Jewel, Rock Island Line, Luke Skywalker A, Brode, Redson, Big Jewel, Gypsy Fella, Redleaf Perfect. Open Pace: Great Ore, Auburn Bret, Jules Hanover, Sensational Sid, Mabdo Jay, Waverly Nero, Sailor George, Tiger Almahurst. Stan Bergstein at a horse auction. Levy Series leg: Hilarion, Docs Fella, El Alamein, Perfect Out, JJ’s Cornell, Caramore, Glen Almahurst, My Bill Forwood, Energy Burner, Sokys Atom. Pace: Rhett Hanover, Sassafras B, Baldy Scutch, Cardinal Kash, Nevele Adam, Noble Armbro, Lakewood Osborne.Racing From Roosevelt - Sat. April 28

Pace: Kenaree, Thomas Bells, Seldom Seen, Rusty Long, Brode, Diesel Power, Ishbaal, Big Scott. Pace: Rhett Hanover, Paris Dexter, Future Hanover, Nevele Adam, Lakewood Osborne, Compete, Dukes Bret, Rusty Abbot. Stan interviews Buddy Gilmour. Sagamore Hill Pacing Series Final: Bio Brennan, Trusty Blaze, Seilson Regent, Matchless Skipper, Hot Commodity, Minstrel, Nolan Turner, Thurston. Spencer Ross interviews Walter Case Jr. Pace: Marathon David, Meadow Pud, Mountain fella, Tailgater, Say Hey Fella, Witsends Skipper, Flying Ray, Don Henry.Racing From Roosevelt - Thu. May 3

Pace: On The Spot, HIJK, Shelbys First, College Ed, Flashy Shortstop, Tiger Rag N, Brets Class. Spencer interviews Nick Sodano. Pace F&M: Bonnie Blue Chip, Bye Bye gypsy, Ms. Laura Lee, J For Jennifer, Precious Helen, Whata Jewel, Chows Dancer, Farmsteads Fame. Q&A. Trot: Flashy Zare, Iggy Magoo, Toughskin, Babe Kosmos, Andys Meteor, Day Care. Pace: Baxter Hanover, Rambling Kidd, Duncans Party, Go Precious Go, Dauntless, Mays Victor, No Guff, Sir CC Racing From Roosevelt - Sat. May 5

Levy from May 4, stretch only - Savvy Almahurst. Pace 3YO C&G: Mr. Escort, Skip On Down, Kahana, Tropic Rise, CC Andy, Sir Laurence, Mannart Overdrive, Harvey Rocklin. Pace 3YO C&G: Panorama, Seilson Regent, Forest Hanover, Knight And Deigh, Matchless Skipper, Hot Commodity, Tailgater. Clips of Dan Patch & Greyhound. Open Pace: Docs Fella, Sailor George, Power Bunny, Millers Scout, Tiger Almahurst. Pace: Timba Expression, Gappy Gennaro, Ivan Hanover, Big Daddy, Hobart Star, Sensational Sid, Styx And Scones. Stan mentions fire that destroyed Freehold Raceway at end of show.Racing From Roosevelt - Thu. May 10

Pace: Timely Thorpe, Symbolic, Scream Dream, Edgar Hanover, Just For Pleasure, Jo Anna Mist, Keystone Shire, Dinnys First. Spencer interviews Mark Fontaine. Trot: Chief Dee, Sybil Tee, Thad, Dutch Lady Mac, Noble Stardom, BJ Empire, Star Blend, Nutjammer. Q&A: Pace: Callisto, Jetstream, Glenwood, Triple Lee A, Passbook, Graylin David, Gay Lopez, Vox Populi. Pace: Damiel, Keystone Progress, American Sterling, Afer, Sassafras B, Brooklyn Smoke, The Right Stuff, HH Class.Racing From Roosevelt - Sat. May 12

Pace 3YO C&G: Mott Hanover, KCM, Skip On Down, Harvey Rocklin, Tough Nut N, Mr. Escort, Kahana, Tropic Rise. Pace F&M: Miracle Renee, Take Care N, Mannart Bold Ann, Tarport Melody, Liebchen Lady, Goodtime Byrd, JD’s Fancy, Anna Clare. Stan at Nassau Sulky. Open Pace: My Bill Forwood, Power Bunny, Millers Scout, Docs Fella, Sokys Atom, Waverly Nero. Spencer interviews Mike LaChance. Pace 3YO Invitational: Nolan Turner, Forest Hanover, Minstrel, Sir Lawrence, Teco Hanover, Spicy Doc, Precious Energy.Racing From Roosevelt - Wed. May 16

Pace: Brode, Speedy Lionel, Farm Racer, Lightnin, Star Celtic, Garmor Elite, Rusty Long, Ironstone Bop Bop. A look Why Not. Pace: Jolly Tony Revonah, Pats Comedian, Beau Star, Remagen, Precious Metal, First Valentine, Joddis Gem, Game Pretender. Q&A, Pace: Cheerful Rogue, Rambling Warren, Bold Opinion, Outrageous Kid, Tornado Lobell, Directorate, Sultan Skipper. Pace: Overreact, Hallview Direct, Witsends Skipper, Mountain fella, Rayria Star, Mac Ore, Slapdash, Pippin Lobell. Racing From Roosevelt - Thu. May 24

Pace: Dune West, Band Play, Township Bandit, Berts Bald Spot, Nivram, Young Fella, Pouring Rain, Obsidian. 3YO Fillies NYSS preview. Pace: Kiwi Guy, JJ Thunder, Black Jack Forwood, Iowa Skipper, Speedy Clip, Alpine Prince, Sly Dig, Sure Two B, Q&A, Pace:Meadow Napolean, Tip The Bottle N, Illini Almahurst, Ming, Early Z, Domestic Oil. Pace: Slapdash, All Star Field, Cheerful Rogue, Bronze River, Same Time, Outrageous Kid, Perrydoodle, My One And Only.

WOR OTB 1984Disc 4Racing From Roosevelt - Fri. May 26

Pace: Lobo Maralec, Moonshine Jerry, Train Robber, Bonnie Lass N, Game Pretender, Burt Almahurst, Gypsy Fella, Fancy Red. OTB commercial w/boxer Rocky Graziano. Pace 3YO C&G: Harvey Rocklin, CC Andy, Farm Country, Judicious, Skip On Down, Kahana, Stop The Yankee, Littleton Hanover. Spencer interviews Gene Riegle. Pace F&M: Gails Bunny, Princess Stephanie, JD’s Fancy, Windemere, Anna Clare, Mannart Bold Ann, Miracle Renee, Daisey Skipper. Open Pace: Sensational Sid, Timba Expression, Millers Scout, Docs Fella, Vacs Happy Cress, Caramore, Tiger Almahurst, Sokys Atom. Pace 3YO &G Inv. Troublemaker, native Seahawk, Matchless Skipper, Precious Energy, Sir Lawrence, Southern Style., Bio Brennan, Forest Hanover. Racing From Roosevelt - Thu. May 31

Pace: Nivram, Victor O, Berts Bald Spot, Florida Ore, Governor Arthur, Whata Present, Contender, Yankee Twist. Pace: Speedy Clip, Gypsy Fella, Tyrus Hanover, Georgia On My Mind, Merrie Stratus, Never Say Never, Redson, Sly Dig. Pace: Rambling Warren, Votar, Scattered Diamonds, Tornado Lobell, All Star Field, Outrageous Kid, Cheerful Rogue, Special Peter. Pace: Fly Fly Yankee, Gamblers Four, Happy Ideal, Cedarwood Hawk, Rhett Hanover, Ravenova, Passion Play, Nevele Adam. Racing From Roosevelt - Sat. June 2

Levy final - stretch drive from May 1: Caramore, Energy Burner. NYSS: Troublemaker. NYSS 3YO C&G Pace: Weston Hanover, Flying Brets Gold, Allen J Finkelson, Kreizers Radar, Present Laughter, Shanghai Lobell, Precious JJ, Westhampton, Motoring Blue Chip. Pace F&M: Anna Clare, Wicomico Star, Daisey Skipper, Lightning Beach, JD’s Fancy, Liebchen Lady, Mannart Bold Ann, Windemere. Stan talks about "Title to the Horse"- ownership information. Open Pace: Sensational Sid, Big Daddy, Ivan Hanover, GE’s Romanero, Timba Expression, Ezechias, Striking Sun, Waverly Nero. Spencer interviews Carmine & Eric Abbatiello. Pace: Judicious, More Xip, Mott Hanover, Bossastross, Joss, Mannart Overdrive, Harvey Rocklin, CC Andy. Racing From Roosevelt - Thu June 7

Lady Suffolk, Div 1:Like A Charm, Maiden Yankee. Pace 3YO C&G: Winning Duel, Sensous Fella, DI Destiny, Clubber Lang, Hamayair, Current Image, Tross Country, Confederate. Pace: Graylin David, Columbia Lee, Wheeling Baron, Triple Lee A, Eric Marc Bells, Castleton Touch, Hill Country N. A look at the "Old Grey Mare" Lady Suffolk. Lady Suffolk Div 2:Mae Jeans Crown, O B’s Nevele Wick, Petrolianna, Lady Belle, Selena Lobell, Gratis Yankee, Fancy Crown. Spencer inertviews Mickey McNichol. Pace: Happy Ideal, Brooklyn Smoke, American Sterling, Premier Ne, Charlie Bret, Nevele Adam, Marathon David, Cedarwood Hawk. Racing From Roosevelt - Sat. June 9

from June 8 - clip if accident Div 1. Accident involving Delvin Kosmos Table Count & Father Soren, Socrates Lobell, clip of Div 2: Speed Merchant.

Racing From Roosevelt - Thu. June 14

Pace F&M: Listen To Eve, Corky Collins, Fancy Schatzie, Big Softie, Sandra Lobell, Miss Eva Harry, Bonny Blue Chip, Adventurous Lady, Spencer interviews Perry Steinkohl. Pace: Mannart Bionic, Edgar Hanover, Chairperson, Fed Funds, Train Robber, Texas Tea A, Kiwi Guy, Wicked Idea. Q&A: Stan explains the claiming prcedure, with Sandy & Tracy Levy. Pace: Meadow Pud, Armbro Wilf, Eric Marc Bells, Hallview Direct, Sweet Jamboree, Cardinal Kash, Castleton Touch, Keystone Capitol. Pace: DI Dividend, Columbia Lee, Twoanapiece, Wheeling Baron, Wright EZ, Callisto, Pegasus Lobell, Thats Life N. Racing From Yonkers - Sat. June 16

Cane Pace elim 1: Signed And Sealed, Trutone Lobell, Hobos Willy, Ahlberg, Homes Hanover, Dapper Dan, Native Seahawk. Cane Pace elim 2: Cosmic King, Mannart Overdrive, Troublemaker, Thecond Brudder, Neros Bret, Farmsteads Fame, Carls Bird, Sales Ring. Cane Pace elim 3: On The Road Again, Embrace Me, Lustras Big Guy, Walton Hanover, Apache Circle, Southern Style, Panorama, Conan. Spencer interviews William Gilmour. Cane Pace Final. Bergstein interviews Gordon & Illa Rumpel. Racing From Yonkers - Thu. June 21

NYSS Trot- stretch: Speedy Lamar. Pace: Woe In The Morning, Walkin Bear, Mr Appleby, Out To Surprise, Yankee Twist, Kash One, Northsong Chip, Chamber Cat. YR salutes Joe Marsh Jr. On 25 consecutive years with 100 wins. Pace F&M: Windemere, Karens Genie, La Copine, Thats Life N, Shana J, Goodtime Byrd, Neroes Finest, Tickle Your Fancy. Q&A. YR commercial. Pace: Vox Populi, Silents Choice, The Bondsman N, PT Jet Liner, Skipper Chrivan, Precocious Guy, Nevada Lobell A, Elias N. Pace: Kistime, Fast Majority, Bamboozle, Sunrise Columbus, Alert Phoenix, Distributor, Teddy Bear A, Plunkett.Racing From Yonkers - Sat. June 23

Pace: Go Precious Go, Nickylou, Rusty Abbot, Mac Ore, Dance With Me Henry, Zane Grey A. Ross and the YR "Back Stretch" - Mike Petnuch, track superintendent. Open Pace: Millers Scout, Timba Expression, Vacs Happy Cress, Pride And Price, Pearls Falcon, Sokys Atom, My Bill Forwood. Stan interviews Joe Marsh Jr. Pace: Hilarion, Ivan Hanover, Sensational Sid, Truman, Sterl Falcon, Happy Gennaro, Waverly Nero. Pace: Ezechias, Brisk Air, Andre Hanover, Coin Kash, Cuckoo Clock, Willow Bowl, His.

Horses are named by post position, not order of finish.

WOR OTB - 1984 - Disc 5

Racing From Yonkers - Thu. June 28

Pace: I’ll Survive, Symbolic, Gimme getme, honor Almahurst, Hustlers Boy, The Smoocher, Ishbaal.

A Look at the Bronx Filly Pace.

Pace, F&M: Dasiey Skipper, HH Fantasy, Princess Stephanie, General Judy, Gails Bunny, Courage My Dear, Diamond Jill, Two Sided.

"Questions & Answer’s"

Pace: Same Time, Written Notice, Mannart Odyssey, River Lad, Duc Grade, Jumbos Dynasurge, Heisman, Benjie tara.

Pace: Damiel, Rebele Fella, Alert Phoenix, Teddy Bear A, Just Cant Wait, Baldy Scutch, Fast Majority, Wish Em Well.

Racing From Yonkers - Fri. June 29

Bronx Filly Pace: My Melissa.

Bronx Filly Pace: Dozen Kisses, Perfect Rendezvous, Cookin With Gas, Homemade Lovin, Myrrh, Leslie Lobell, Margaret Turner, Fried Egg. Ross interviews Sonny Patterson.

Open Trot: Color Of Money, Kash Crown, Quick Trip, Sandey Casey, Day Care, Segriff, Wee Janel, Bobbo.

Bronx Filly Pace: Jimilori Strikes, Happily Engaged, Ballybay, Peachbottom, With Pleasure, Lightning Beach, Apple Country, DeBuena Lobell, Stan interviews Jim Conine.

Pace: Kash Course, HH Class, Elwood Hanover, Wicomico Star, Hail The Leader, Happy Ideal, I Marilyn, Nevele AdamRacing From Yonkers - Thu. July 5

"I want my MTV commercial", a look at Niatross’ first crop.

Pace: Burt Almahurst, Keystone Trick, Urban Cowboy N, Master Of Disaster, Edgar Hanover, Four J Prince, Sunbest Hanover, Racing Heart.

1983 Sheppard (stretch): Trutone Lobell. Spencer looks at 1984 Lawrence B. Sheppard contenders.

Trot: Delicate Balance, Deep Hollow Lady, Find, Chance Of Glory, Nutjammer, Torrid Crown, Arnies Fontier, Florida Sun.

"Questions & Answers"

Pace: Elias N, Vox Populi, Docs Interpreter, Precocious Guy, Wright EZ, Ima Flying, Reveille Hal, Woodford.

Pace: No Guff, Elected, Trump, Dukes Bret, Big Daddy Wes, Lucky Brat, Penman, Speak Out.Racing From Yonkers - Sat. July 7

Stan Bergstein interviews Stanley Dancer.

Sheppard elim (stretch): Slam Jam, Standing O, Chairmanoftheboard.

Sheppard elim: Major Force, Take A Look, Island Gemstar, Quillason, Cannon Fire, Accordion, Randolph Lobell, Zephyr Almahurst.

Open Pace: Hilarion, Docs Fella, Ivan Hanover, Timba Expression, Pride And Price, My Bill Forwood, JZ Leader, Division Street.

Sheppard elim: Broadway Express, Bounty Blue Chip, Wise Crack, Chip Off The Block, Ramblin Storm, Praised Dignity, Czar Nicholas, Prince Midas. Ross interviews Bill Popfinger.

Sheppard elim: Pollinator, Pershing Square, Anxious Robby, One Star General, Pinewood Lobell, Zouve, Supreme Dynasty, Freddie Roman.Racing From Yonkers - Thu. July 12

Pace: Rusty Long, Country Gentleman, Battle Raven, happy Brewster, Jingle Pride, Steady Ted, Dinnys First, Incredible Fella.

Pace F&M: Princess Stephanie, Tango Almahurst, Two Sided, HH Fantasy, Daisey Skipper, Goodtime Byrd, Rita Almahurst, Shana J.

"Questions & Answers"

Pace: Raleigh Lobell, Southers Image, Jade Horse, Special Peter, Same Time, Benjie Tara, Mac Farlane, Springwood.

Pace: New York New York, bamboozle, Lucky Brat, Strong Focus, Wish Em Well, Speak Out, Joe Willie, Chuck D Turner.Racing From Yonkers - Sat. July 14

Pace: Star Trip, Brisk Air, E Racer, Sensational Sid, Striking Sun, Hierarchy, Timba Expression, Truman.

Sheppard Final post parade.(Sheppard Final not taped) Spencer interviews Popfinger.

Open Pace: Docs Fella, Hilarion, Division Street, Happy Gennaro, Race Power, Waverly Nero, My Bill Forwood, Pride And Price.

Sheppard Consolation: pollinator, Town Council, Motor Drive, Scarlet Star, Accordion, Chairmanoftheboard, Zephyr Almahurst, Czar Nicholas, United Davitross. Racing From Yonkers - Thu. July 19

Pace 3yo C&G: Artist Proof, Woe In The Morning, Chamber Cat, Field Skipper, Yankee Twist, Walkin Bear, Fischers Image, Westhampton.

Trot: Chance Of Glory, Colemans Baby, torrid Crown, Thad, high Command, Color Of Money, Sure Like Me, BJ Empire.

Look at Yonkers Trot. "Questions & Answers"- the racing paddock.

Pace: Speedy Clip, Elias N, Wicked Idea, Seilson Regent, Keystone Trick, Witty Brat, Docs Interpreter.

Pace: Wish Em Well, Chuck D Turner, Blasting Cap, Donohues Fella, Strong Focus, Double Stakes, Hoot Hanover, Ned Blue Chip.Racing From Yonkers - Sat. July 21

Yonkers Trot elim: Baltic Speed, Murmer, Classic Cast, Yankee Tornado, Jacinto, Restless Spirit, Delvin Kosmos, Speed Merchant.

Yonkers Trot elim: Sandy Crown, Speedy Lamar, Eric Kosmos, Speedy Herve, Desert Ruler, Delvin G Kosmos, Why Not.

Yonkers Trot elim: Socrates Lobell, Bold Vigil, Normandy Lobell, Ross interviews Per Erikkson.

Yonkers Trot Final, Stan interviews Jan Nordin.Open Pace: Docs Fella, Hilarion, Ivan Hanover, Hierarchy, Vacs Happy Cress, Caramore, Waverly Nero, Pride And Price.Horses are listed by post position, not order of finish

WOR OTB 1984 - Disc 6Racing From Yonkers - Thu. July 26

Pace: Rusty Bunny, Oxford Bret, Tough Nut N, Deputy Lobell, Band Play, Woe In The Morning, Ollie Wil, OK Fella.

John Dockery interviews John Ross, "Junior driver" of Illini Almahurst.

Trot: Deep Hollow Lady, Delicate Balance, Find, Arnies Frontier, Herringbone, Day Care, JD’s Tryst, Nutjammer.

"Questions & Answers"

Pace: Jolly Tony Revonah, Flashy King, Theo Lobell, PT Jet Liner, Loyal Byrd, The Bondsman N, Historic Mountain, Hallview Direct.

Pace F&M: Shana J, Tango Almahurst, Goodtime Byrd, Amorous Wil, Princess Stephanie, Tarport Melody, Rose Routh, Daisey Skipper.Racing From Yonkers- Sat July 28

Cam Fella Pace: Allen J Finkelson, Perfect Promise, Present Laughter, Coloton Collins, Jaipur, Happy Speaker, Cherished Beau, Thats My Fella, Bismark.

A look at Cam Fella: Stretch runs for Hopeful Final & Cane Pace Final.

Cam Fella Pace: Motoring Blue Chip, Littleton Hanover, Precious Energy, Steady Eagle, Dune West, Hurricane Reef, Shanghai Lobell, Weston Hanover, Long Fella.

Open Pace: Sensational Sid, Vacs Happy Cress, Pride And Price, Waverly Nero, Ivan Hanover, Millers Scout, Hilarion, Division Street, Division Street.

Cam Fella Pace: Piper Lobell, Cosmic King, Troublemaker, Dramatic Moment, Aerobatic, Instrument Landing, Carls Bird, Married Man, Valentino Sarnell. Racing From Yonkers - Thu. August 2

North American Junior Driving Championship - John Cirillo interviews Neil Glasser, winning driver of Mountain KO.

Pace 3yo C&G: Alabama Slammer, TC Kash, Ripper Collins, Finest Moment, Yankee Domo, My Wonderful One, Banbury Free Byrd, Strikin Rebel.

Trot: Shure Like Me, Torrid Crown, Color Of Money, Florida Sun, Herringbone, Nutjammer, Day Care.

"Questions & Answers"

Pace: RTH, More Xip, EAOK, Band Play, DI Destiny, OK Fella, Tough Nut N, Mr Bing.

Pace F&M: Gails Bunny, Scarlet Avalon, Violet Bells, Sandy Blue Chip, Greek tycoon, Whata Lil, Emerald Girl, La Copine.Racing From Yonkers - Sat. August 4

Pace: Rusiski, Illini Almahurst, Honor Almahurst, Hes My Brother, Donne N, Bedminster, Loyal Byrd, Happy Collins.

Summer meet wrap-up.

Open Pace: Vacs Happy Cress, Sensational Sid, Power Bunny, Docs Fella, Waverly Nero, Ivan Hanover, Pride And Price, Millers Scout.

Pace: Effervescent, Nevele Adam, New York New York, Felonious, Fast Majority, Kistime, hoot Hanover, Kash Course.

Pace: Ideal Wilco, Timba Expression, Striking Sun, Pet Hymn, Brisk Air, Brooklyn Smoke, Star Trip, Happy Gennaro.Racing From Roosevelt - Thu. August 9

Pace: La Copine, Scarlet Meema, bonny Blue Chip, Windemere, Emerald Girl, Melissa Electra, Farmsteads Future, J For Jennifer.

A look at the US Pacing Championship.

Pace 3yo C&G: Resort Town, General Monte, DI Destiny, OK Fella, Rusty Bunny, Bossatross, Woe In The Morning, Precious Sam.

"Questions & Answers"

Pace: Poetry Man, Sir Lawrence, Racing Fulla, Afer, Strike Le Ru, Rebel Fella, Hunters Walk, Hail The Leader.

Pace: Oscar Oscar Oscar, Racing Heart, Anchor Miller, Woodford, Merrie Stratus, Won Purs Buddy.Racing From Roosevelt - Sat. August 11

Pace: Glenwood, Lloyd R Adios, Wining Victory, Bronze Rover, The Saddler GB, Pass Book, Navajo Lobell, Red Hot McBur.

Pace 3yo Invitational: Mannart Overdrive, Whata Present, Winged Beat, Forest Hanover, Father Nick, Teco Hanover, Seilson Regent, Sameness.

"Questions & Answers"

US Pacing Championship: Listening, Mr Dalrae, My Bill Forwood, Energy Burner, Division Street, Millers Scout. Stan interviews Dave Magee.

Pace: Quarterback, Premier Ne, Nickylou, Fast Majority, brooklyn Smoke, Charlie Bret, Milkman, Newt Lobell.Racing From Roosevelt - Thu. August 16

Pace 3yo C&G: Netsak, Gramps, Cuchullain, Obsidian, Jefs Triumphant, Jonesie Hanover, Mr No Frills, Yankee Domo.

Pace: Keystone Capitol, Meadow Pud, Verbatim Lobell, Precocious Guy, GSO, Burt Almahurst, Tyrus Hanover, Rua Nevele.

"Questions & Answers"

Trot: Torrid Crown, Florida Sun, Fairfield County, Shure Like Me, Day Care, Harbor Patrol, Hap Bob Bobby, Niki Nortais.

Pace: Princess Stephanie, Rose Routh, Two Sided, Tango Almahurst, Anna Clare, Rita Almahurst, Goodtime Byrd, Scarlet Meema.Racing From Roosevelt - Sat. August 23

Pace: Blow The Whistle, Iowa Skipper, Spirited Fella, Tropic Rise, Looks The Part, Silver Simile, Historic Mountain, General B.

Trot: Hilton Hanover, Mendy, Color Of Money, Shure Like Me, Wee Hop, Day Care, Dallas Lobell, Coleman Lobell.

Stan interviews Dave Green, Ted Richter, & Dan O’Mara.

Trot: Herringbone, Chance Of Glory, Archies Boy, Noble Stardom, Ascot Arrow, Ramblin Red, JD’s Tryst, Graduate Student.

Pace: Rockin Abbe, Emerald Girl, La Copine, Whata Lil, Gails Bunny, JD’s Fancy, Chorus Dancer, Sacrlet Avalon.

1984 WOR - Disc 7Racing From Roosevelt- Aug 25

Pace: Racing Fulla, Benjys Profit, New York New York, My Choice Too, Torch Hanover, Easy Hitter, Trustmaker, Nu Trump.

Stan interviews Jean riaud, driver of Jamin, and Thomas Nilsson, driver of Legolas.

International Trot: Bridger, Legolas, Crown Wood, Lutin D’Isigny, Babe Kosmos, Lurabo, Spunky Byron, The Onion.

Stan interviews Jean Paul Andre.

Open Pace: Timba Expression, My Bill Forwood, Shannon Fella, Docs Fella, Ivan Hanover, Vacs Happy Cress, Millers Scout.

Pace: Sensational Sid, Hobart Star, Hamilton RH, Lord Dalrae, E Racer, Hastie Luca, Striking Sun.Racing From Roosevelt - Aug 30

Pace F&M: Keystone Duchess, Stormy Pursuit, Pansy Lobell, Lisas Gem, De Mars Belle, Dark Raven, Golly Miss Molly, Natural Charm.

A look at the Challenge Cup.

Trot: Archies Boy, Color Of Money, Shure Like Me, Day Care, Hilton Hanover, Wee Hop, Niki Nortais, Berkshire Buddy.

"Questions & Answers"

NYSS 2YO Fillies: Terasina Lobell, Beverley Hills, cartel, Be With You, Pennys Girl, Precision Collins, Sizzling Peggy, Flying Star, Tammimost Rainbow.

Spencer interviews the creator of the Oriental World of Self Defense.

Pace: Doctor Love, The Iron Byrd, DI Dividend, Winter Chase, Good And Precious, Questionable Call, next Dance, GT’s Boy.Racing From Roosevelt - Sep 1

Pace: Master Of Disaster, Iowa Skipper, Glenwood, Woemance, Little Fiddler, Captain Strikes, River Lad, Precious Guy.

Stan interviews Bill Haughton.

Challenge Cup: Lutin D’Isigny, Lancon, TV Yankee, Babe Kosmos, Spunky Byron, Hap Bob Bobby, Crown Wood.

Open Pace: Pride And Price, Millers Scout, Docs Fella, Vacs happy Cress, Ivan Hanover, Hobart Star.

Pace: Teco Hanover, Bio Brennan, Stop The Yankee, Mannart Swift, target Almahurst, Whata Present, Sir Lawrence.Racing From Roosevelt - Sep 6

Pace: Napoleon Don, Lawton Lobell, West Gate Fella, Hedgerow Lynx, County Dancer, Oscar Oscar Oscar, Bit O Bits, Flash Jack N.

Trot: Moshannon Finesse, Mendy, hilton Hanover, Archies Boy, Day Care, Color OF Money, Florida Sun, Megabucks.

"Questions & Answers"

Pace: Premier Ne, Hail The Leader, Effervescent, Charlie Bret, Skirt Lifter, Nickylou, Milkman, Slipstream.

Pace: RT Littlebit, Heather Lord, Sultan Skipper, Al Quinton, Distant Land, G Otto, JC’s Sheerest, Distributor.Racing From Roosevelt - Sep 8

John Chapman elim: Rodine Hanover, Lisas Gem, Firey Fiddler, JJ’s Glorious, Enroute, Norel, Armbro Dazzler, Lizzie Beth.

John Chapman elim: Armbro Desire, beverley Hills, Amneris, Stardrift Hanover.

Spencer interviews Mike LaChance.

John Chapman elim: Terasina Lobell, Sonsamilla, Alexandria Turner, Pansy Lobell.

Spencer interviews Buddy Gilmour.

Open Pace: E Racer, Docs Fella, Millers Scout, Ivan Hanover, Pride And Price, Vacs Happy Cress.Racing From Roosevelt - Sep 13

Pace: Lightnin, Witsends Beret, Rua Nevele, Moonshine Jerry, Uncle Foe, Kings Road, Happy Pick, Kash Buster.

Pace: Nigel Lobell, Glenwood, River Lad, Woemance, Precious Metal, Bronze Rover, Seilson Sonny, Never Say Never.

"Questions & Answers"

Pace: Lord McGeorge, New York New York, Baxter Hanover, Toliver Mistake, Pleasant Mate, Newt Lobell, Maple Grove Glen.

Pace: Tyrus Hanover, Skipper Ben, All Star Field, General B, Private Carrier, Kash To All, Armbro Count N, Opal Angus.Racing From Roosevelt - Sep 15

Spencer Ross interviews John Chapman’s wife & daughters.

Open Trot: Hap Bob Bobby, Berkshire Buddy, Segriff, Hit Recording, Sea Chanty, Babe Kosmos, TV Yankee.

Open Pace: Wildwood Dallas, E Racer, Hobart Star, Docs Fella, Vankirk, Ivan Hanover, Millers Scout, JJ’s Cornell,.

Stan interviews John Powell Jr. Owner if Stienam.

John Chapman Memorial Final: Sonsamilla, Rodine Hanover, Amneris, Enroute, Funny Honey, Semalu D’Amour, Stienam, Dear Dorothy, Lizzie Beth.

Spencer interviews Benoit Coete.

Pace: Easy Hitter, Effervescent, Marland Lobell, Nickylou, Sunrise Columbus, Charlie Bret, Kash Course, Premier Ne.Racing From Roosevelt - Sep 20

Pace 3YO C&G: Obsidian, Pumpkin Almahurst, Governors Trust, Mr No Frills, JM Precious, Gold Exchange, Detective, Glittering Bret.

Ross talks about previous Peter Haughton Memorials.

Pace F&M: Whata Jewel, JN Dynamic, Star Namssor, Fair Dream maker, Inscrutable, Bella Union, Whata Lil, Lady Hanover.

"Questions & Answers"

Trot: Fairfield County, Solid Sahbra, Shure Like Me, R Big Red One, Day Care, Megabucks, Wee Hop, Hilton Hanover.

Pace: No Guff, Wary, Afer, Oval Master, Country Fiesta, Trustmaker, Happy Ideal, Sir Lawrence.

1984 WOR - Disc 8



1st elim: Take A Look, Motor Drive, Double Bubba, Accordion, Rockne Lobell, Praised Dignity, Scarlet Star, Record Hop. Stan interviews Bill Popfinger & Irving Cohen. Stan Interviews Bill & Tom Haughton.

2nd elim: Witsends Wizard, Booth Hanover, Slam Jam, Broadway Express, Pudgy, Pershing Square, Pinocchio. Stan interviews Tom Haughton.

3rd elim: Pollinator, Major Force, Devils Adversary, Scoot Over, United Davitross, Ceviche, Pierre Lobell, Anxious Robby. Stan interviews Jerome Taylor.

Open Pace: E Racer, Docs Fella, Ivan Hanover, Supreme Jade, Hobart Star, Energy Burner, Division Street.RACING FROM ROOSEVELT - Sep. 30

Pace: Rapide City, Lightnin, Courtland Sassy, Kash Buster, Big Jewel, Whoaboy Blue Chip, Armbro Unger.

Pace: Sure Image, Most Happy Kash, Can Do Freight, Andys Popeye, Westhampton, Tross Country, Deuteron, Round Crackers. Q&A.

Pace: Sandra Lobell, Armbro Cherry, Farmsteads Future, Precious Panache, Mission Hills, Bye Bye Gypsy, Memorable Occasion, J Ds Fancy.

Pace: Tyrus Hanover, Kildavin, Merrywood Steve, Stop The Yankee, Married Man, Country Gambler, Kiowa Almahurst, Surtax A.RACING FROM ROOSEVELT - Oct. 4

Pace F&M: Melissa Electra, Whata Lil, Scarlet Avalon, Inscrutable, Whata Jewel, Apple Country, Lost In Love, Goodtime Byrd

Pace: Stretch run- Keystone Capital, Merrie Stratus, Tims Mate.

Pace: Castleton Touch, Bossatross, Keystone Trick, Saunders Whiz, Reveille Hal, Glenwood, River Lad, Master Of Disaster. Q&A

Pace: Kiowa Almahurst, Coutry Gambler, Slapdash, Class Act, Johns Fella, Kash Cheer, Cheerful Rogue.

Pace: Ships Falcon, Our Chancy, More Xip, Steady Nubbin, Walkin Bear, Mr Appleby, EAOK, Chamber Cat.RACING FROM ROOSEVELT - Oct. 6

Pace: Sir CC, Rita Almahurst, HH Maverick, The Gina Giant, Park Avenue Fella, Bonzo Hanover, Hanover Knight.

Messenger Stakes: Farmsteads Fame, Holmes Hanover, Butler BG, Legal Notice, Long Fella, Telex, Southern Style. Stan interviews Bill O’Donnell & Gene Riegle.

Open Pace: Superme Jade, The Ledger Striking Sun, Pet Hymn, Pride And Price, Docs Fella.

Pace: Parklands Star, Orelli, Wildwood Dallas, Hoosier Hotshot, Timba Expression, Dauntless, E Racer, Hierarchy.


Pace F&M: Adventurous Lady, Peachbottom, Rita Almahurst, Bonny Blue Chip, Armbro Clever, Anna Clare, Perfectrendezvous, Gabby.

Pace 3yo C&G: TC Kash, Mr No Frills, Governors Trust, Bold Hit, Mac Bret, Governor KC, Rudys Boy, Gold Exchange.

Pace: Timberline N, Salerno Lobell, Bonzo Hanover, Serpico Hanover, My Choice Too, Rorty Rip, Toroma, Hoot Hanover.

Open Pace: Timba Expression, Parklands Star, Striking Sun, Pride And Price, Docs Fella, Ivan Hanover, Umbrella Fella, Caramore. Stan interviews Ray Remmen.

Pace: Hobart Star, Hoosier Hotshot, Supreme Jade, Dauntless, Padre Lobell, Wildwood Dallas, Star Trip, Orelli.RACING FROM ROOSEVELT Oct. 18

Pace 3yo C&G: Fly Creek, Witsends Boy, Tross Country, Rathmullen, Young Hadyden, Sure Image, Westhampton, Skipper Bret. Cedar Lake Stud Training Center commercial.

Preview of 3yo upcoming Invitational- On The Road Again vs. Naught But Nice.

Trot: High Kick, R Big Red One, Nutjammer, Delicate Balance, Chance Of Glory, Kristi Thunder, Some Nutcracker, Darbys Dottie.

Behind the scenes: Stan shows the YR lounge, inside the paddock, locker room, training faclilty, Herve Filion shooting pool, steam room, sauna & whirlpool.

Pace: Quiet Win, Fire Exit, Baldy Scutch, Alert Killean, Roman Statesman, Happy Ideal, Noble Armbro, Kash Entry.

Pace: Mannart Bold Ann, Lucinda Cedar, Highland Song, Splashed, Camelot Seduction, Cookin With Gas, Daisey Skipper, Sister Happy.RACING FROM ROOSEVELT Oct. 20

Pace: Handshake, Surtax A, Wildman Vic, Fly By Wire, Kistime, Cladius, Dr Raban.

Open Pace: Padre Lobell, Dauntless, Hobart Star, Pride And Price, Ivan Hanover, Striking Sun, Docs Fella, Umbrella Fella. (Docs Fella equals Track Record 1:56.2)

Lucky Lights 3yo Invitational Pace: Mr Escort, King Towner, Naughty But Nice, Jefferson Lobell, On The Road Again, Community State, Southern Style. (On The Road Again sets Track Record 1:56). Spencer interviews Buddy Gilmour.

Pace: Wildwood Dallas, Timba Expression, Supreme Jade, Star Trip, Orelli,. Happy Gennaro, Parklands Star, Hoosier Hotshot.


Pace: Yorkshires Woe, Fine Burner, Saunders Majestic, Owen Almahurst, Yankee Colonel, He’s My Brother, Brode, Battle Raven.

Stan interviews Mike LaChance.about Docs Fella.

Trot: Delicate Balance, Willifiwanta, Final Step, Archies Boy, Scully, Bandolino, High Kick, Darbys Dottie. Stan & Jack Lee in the announcers booth.

Pace: Roman Statesman , Rusty Abbot, Easy Hitter, Herbars Bacchus, Hunters Walk, Quiet Win, Alert Killean, Noble Armbro.

Pace: Highland Song, Daisey Skipper, Lady Loueen, Lucinda Cedar, Rose Routh, Cookin With Gas, Melissa Electra, Shalimar Pride.








WOR 1983: ROOSEVELT, Petticoat Series. Tokay Ore, Satori Shadow, Courageous Lori, Joddis Gem, Muckalee Lite, Marecella Hanover, Wind Song, Carysbrook Belle, Carysbrook Lyn, Royal Rags, Memorial Miss, Styx And Scones, Tinas Puppet, Impressive Breeze, JV Nancy, Poetic Justice, interview w/Carmine Abbatiello, Donbryn Ideal, The Bondsman N, Captain Collins, Mannart Bionic, Dukes Bret, Mr Tanner, Rock Of Eden, Graylin David, Fulla Thunder, Danny Dexter, Derci O, Effervescent, Pats Comedian, Gotta Go Now, Chalbo Rainbow. YONKERS, Levy Series. Tribute to driver Jim Rankin. Banner Almahurst, Shellshock, Sally D Dee, Eric Marc Bells, Jeremys Brigade, Oodles O’Noodles, Beau Star, Entree. Sokys Atom, Tiger Almahurst, J Ds Buck, My Bill Forwood, Docs Fella, Pride And Price, Fight The Foe, Millers Scout, interview w/ Sonny Patterson. Diddles Dream, Captain Collins, Harrys Skipper, Star Celtic, Majestic Lad N, Effervescent, The Saddler GB. R Bs Mischief, Parklands Star, Treacherous Bret, Looks The Part, Docs Happy, Andre Hanover, Skeeter Herbert Bo Scots Blue Chip. YONKERS, Open Pace. Moonshine Jerry, Ravenous, Anchor John, General B, Keystone Sceptre, Happy Gennaro, Sunny Andy Cedarwood Hawk. ‘Harness racing in movies’. Docs Fella, Brisk Air, Fight The Foe, Wildwood Disco, Perfect Out, Remarkable N, Tiger Almahurst, Bs Mischief, Parklands Star, Again Lad, Treacherous Bret, Future Hanvoer, Docs Happy, Blizzard Almahurst. AQUEDUCT - Wood Memorial. Jim McKay & Bill Hartack, Slew O’Gold, Legendary Wealth, Northern Ice, Write Off, Chas Conerly, High Honors, Parfaitment. HIALEAH Turf Cup. Nijinskys Secret. YONKERS, Levy Series. Interview w/Les Pullen, Historic Moment, Sungait Butler, Redleaf Star, Sober Jake, Spin Easy Time, Brians Best, Torpid Rick. Dan Patch, Docs Fella, J Ds Buck, Perfect Out, Millers Scout, My Bill Forwood, Fight The Foe, Pride And Price, intreview with Barry Drury. Parklands Star, Looks The Part, Sensational Sid, Brisk Air, Ivan Hanover, Tiger Almahurst, Mabdo Jay, Wildwood Disco. Treacherous Bret, Racing Fulla, Great Ore, Again Lad, Blizzard Almahurst, Quaker Almahurst, Apollos Way, Erie Shores ------------------------------------------ Yonkers, Yonkers Trot, Open Pace. Sherwood Lobell, Starlit, Speedy Nautilus, Keystone Voyager, Speedy Claude, Joie De Vie, Lass Quick, Premium Lobell, Desert Night. Berkshire Buddy, Crystas Star, Killbuck Sir, Killbuck Count, Riklis, Duenna, Cape Canaveral, Yankee Peak. Coleman Lobell, Attila, Jersey Cup, Allwoods Feature, Brookside Pride, Mr Drew, Florida Sun, Play Action. Cam Fella.. Interview w/Buddy Gilmour, Roosevelt, Messenger Stakes, ‘A Look Back at Messenger. Wind Damage, Salute Hanover, F Troop, Lucius Lobell, Keystone Exceller, Jo Nathan, Division Street, Rashad, Big Band Sound. Flying Rich, Raffi, Hamilton RH. Ralph Hanover, Kawartha Robust, Jamuga, Power Bunny, Empire Larry, Joule, Felonious, Star Happy, Better Heather. Interview w/Ron Waples. Afer, Raleigh Lobell, Funtastik, Jason Manor, Fashion Time N, Bargain Day, Lloyd R Adios, Quarterback. Roosevelt, Challenge Cup. Iggy Magoo, Statelys Pride, Armbro Acadian, Wonder Child, Noble Flo, Crown Wood, Messerschmitt. Bonzo Hanover, Skipper Chrivan, Keystone Progress, Docs Fella, Jo Nathan, Alert Marquis. Legolas, Ianthin, Isenburger, Ideal du Gazeau, Ghendero, Diamond Exchange, Dartster F, Dallas Lobell, Bobbo, Yankee Predator. Elected, Cavenish, Hedgerow Lynx, Bo Bo, Ned Blue Chip, No Pushover, Fast Majority, Meadow Norm. Yonkers, Open F&M Pace. Sandpiper Hanover, Banjo Hanover, Plunkett, Quarterback, HH Lancer, Compete, Happy Coldstream, Strong Walter. Jules Hanover, Bret Boy Osborne, Sir CC, Bayou Almahurst, Robbies Fella, Ned Blue Chip, Waveore, Brolly. Newt Lobell, Dillon Foyle, Trustmaker, Templer, Jolly Norm Revonah, Blizzard Almahurst, Gamblers Four, Racing Fulla. Enterprising, Pacific Vale, Theora Hanover, Amorous Wil, Turn The Tide, Styx And Scones, Lushkara, Raven Citation. Roosevelt. Abbes Good Boy, Major Suit, Mississippi Transfer, Timely Thorpe, Captain Rainbow, Heisman, Best Of Eden, Tip The Bottle N. Ask Me Nicely, Cool Rain Chris, Tickle Your Fancy, Movie Starlet, Miracle Renee, Fancy Schatzie, Prince Lee Shawna, Precious Renee. A look at Cam Fella - in Ontario. Donbryn Ideal, Logan Sea, West Gate Fella, Wicked Idea, Sailor Lobell, Columbia Pockets, Stutz, Maple Lanes Scott. Interview w/Pat Crowe. Timboon Lord, Happy Pick, Rocky Almahurst, Cediac, Seldom Seen, Four J Prince, Rock Island Line. Roosevelt, Bret Hanover Pace. Sonora Bob, Not Guilty, Kiowa Almahurst, Achor John, Locust Keith, Adventuras Eagle, Gay Peter N, Precious Guy. Shy Guy, Hail The Leader, Poplar Larry, Rhett Hanover, Strike Le Ru, Blizzard Almahurst, Majestic Fella, Time O Nic. Photo of Dexter, ‘first’ photo finish in Hartford, CT, Charter Oaks Stakes in 1886. Whiteys Fella, Sokys Atom, Millers Scout, Cam Fella, Armbro Aussie, Docs Fella. ---------------------------------------- 1985 Yonkers, Open Pace. Docs Fella, George S, On The Road Again, Hobos Willy, Caramore, Energy Burner. Hobart Star, Waverly Nero, Delightful Pal, Division Street, Royal Command C, Kash Entry, Big Shift. Watchit Skipper, Rocky Bret, Mac Ore, Padre Lobell, Happy Ideal, Sailor George, Jackson Hanover, Gamblers Four. Yonkers, Open Pace. Caramore, Docs Fella, On The Road Again, Vacs Happy Cress, Mr Dalrae. Interview w/Buddy Gilmour. Watchit Skipper, Happy Ideal, Hobos Willy, Big Shift. Gamblers Four, Orelli, Jackson Hanover. Super Spud, Dauntless, Park Avenue Fella, Padre Lobell, Star Trip, Fleet Gypsy, Bayou Almahurst, Mac Ore. Roosevelt, Messenger Stakes. Stir Fry, Penetrate, Flight Of Fire, Falcon Seelster, Ceviche, Staff Director, Mon Vieux, The Denman, Dragons Lair, Discotheque, Marauder, Chairmanoftheboard, Broadway Express, Handsome Sum. Roosevelt, Levy Memorial Final. Caramore, Russ Lyn Scott, Vacs Happy Cress, On The Road Again, George S, Division Street Roosevelt, International Trot. Jacionto, Hilton Hanover, Sea Chanty, Haughty Florlis, Wholly Arnie, Crown Wood, Sandy Casey, Scotch Notch. Lutin D’Isigny, Sandy Bowl, Fancy Crown, General D Brook, Bion Di Jesolo, Ogorek, The Onion, Viroid. The Ledger, E Racer, Royal Command C, Southern Style, Farmsteads Fame, Division Street. Two Timing Tod, Paleface Lord, Driving Osborne, Michelles Pride, Shamrock Ore, Fine Gravel, Jefs No Ka Oi, Space Champ. Roosevelt, Challenge Cup. Racing Gem, Boom Towner, See The Light, Cedarwood Hawk, Track Series, Pippin Lobell, Racing Gimmick, Heroes Grade. Viroid, Lutin D’Isigny, Bion Di Jesolo, Ogorek, Sea Chanty, Sandy Bowl, Sandy Casey. Truman, Palladium, Port Fella, Kash Entry, Powerhouse Lobell, Marjon Hanover, Orelli, Swell Fella. Roosevelt, Open Pace. Division Street, Waveore, Ring Of Light, Mr Dalrae, On The Road Again. My Bill Forwood, Governor KC, Kash Entry, Farmsteads Fame, Sunny Andy, Orelli, Thecond Brudder. Warm Gem, Docs Fella, Persuader, Big Shift, Present Laughter, Hoosier Hotshot, Butler BG, Watchit Skipper. Breeders Cup Classic. Roosevelt, On The Road Again’s last race. Waveore, Watchit Skipper, My Bill Forwood, Docs Fella, Butler BG, On The Road Again. Thecond Brudder, Torino Lobell, Vacs Happy Cress, Farmsteads Fame, Hobart Star, Present Laughter, Caramore. Roosevelt, On The Road Again retirement ceremony. 1985 WOR recap 1986 Yonkers, Levy Series. Pinocchio, Falcon Seelster, Chairmanoftheboard, Joss. Interview w/Tom Harmer. Roosevelt, Levy Series. Chairmanoftheboard, Pinocchio, Falcon Seelster. Joss, Hy Class Minbar, Energy Burner, Anxious Robby. Russ Lyn Scott, Governor KC, Dignatarian, Royal Command C, Joss, Docs Fella. Yonkers, Yonkers Trot. Mr Novak, Keystone Fool, Barbeque, Farm King, Shane Scottseth, Shack, Gandhi Lobell, Gunslinger Spur. Saurat Lobell, Dance Marathon, Predominant, Traveling Salesman,

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